Actualizing an artistic or creative work, of whatever sort—a dance, a poem, a film, a piece of music, a writing, a building, a painting, etc.-- is dependent on and is similar to self-actualization. Both are a creative process in need of development. If one is neglected the other is hindered. Professional artists, who aspire for internal freedom, are particularly in tension with the society and its demands for conformity, normative behaviors, and machine like responses. Artists and creative professionals question being in the box, or not, how much, for how long and at what price in interpersonal, moral, and financial terms.  Feelings of doubt and fear as well as joy and fulfillment are common to creative people struggling to balance personal, artistic and professional life.

At Footprint, we are deeply committed to the arts and to a practice of therapy that is artful. We are especially interested in working with creative people to help make visible the complex subtle and intimate creative self.  

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