With good reason parents often feel some level of nervousness about raising a teenager, especially when issues of friends, peer pressure, social media/technology, and "hormones" are in the air. The "nervousness" is replaced with outright anxiety, fear and deep concern when family, friends or school personnel notice new troublesome moods and behaviors. These can include: social isolation, sadness, decline in academic performance, anger outbursts, anxiety and panic, loss of interest, and possibly forms of bodily harm.

Teenagers are going through a genuine struggle to balance between what is acceptable to themselves, on one hand, and their parents and society, on the other. Between being "myself" and "fitting in."  Between real and fake;  love and sex; wants and needs; independence and cooperation; fear and confidence.

We deeply respect the struggles your teenage daughter/son and you are going through. We can help to prevent problematic behaviors and feelings from getting worse. In the beginning, they are just a cry for help, but when left untreated can turn into lasting difficulties and/or chronic emotional problems. 

Take a courageous step for your teenage son or daughter, and schedule a consultation with one of Footprint's licensed counselors/therapists.