Couples therapy, marriage counseling and relationship therapy are all the same. 

Committed relationships whether a marriage, premarital, or partnership are constantly growing.  Most often, we get into a committed relationship believing we have found “the love of my life” or “my soul mate” (and sex mate). We are full of joy and hope though we may have had doubts or fears, or both. We believe, or again hope, that “love (or attraction) is enough” so “everything will be okay.”

But intimate relationships are complicated and life circumstances complicate things even more. At school we were taught how this or that historical figure managed his country (sorry, they are mainly male figures) but not a word about how he managed his marital or sex life. We are left to guess our way through it or leave it to chance. Chance brought us together and chance will determine our fate. And it works as long as it works.

Then you find yourself internally bleeding and externally yelling. Symptoms of an unhappy couple: anger, screaming, irritability, feeling miserable, endlessly arguing, suspicious and anxious, lack of sexual desire or passion…(add your own). Simply put: depressed and getting worse...

What Should You Do?

Do something. Do NOT wait.

Couples often resist seeking help until they have been distressed for a long time. Research shows that the average couple is unhappy for six years before seeking couples counseling. Thomas Bradbury, a professor of psychology at the UCLA compares a troubled couple to a man with a broken leg. Seek help straight away and the chances are higher that you’ll heal up just fine. Hobble around injured for months or years, and a recovery becomes progressively more difficult.

REMEMBER: Beginning couple's therapy is a sign of health and care (about yourself and/or partner) and not a sign of defeat.

Does Couple's Therapy help?


Relationships are the most neglected aspect of our personal life. Couple's Therapy can help. It can help when the couple’s development, individually and the couple hood, is stuck. Couple's Therapy improves communication of practical, daily, intimate, and personal issues as well as helps resolve areas of disagreement and conflict. Even if your relationship won’t be saved you still may separate in the least hurtful and damaging manner.

Common Issues Initiating Couples Therapy:

  • Intimacy and Sexuality

  • Disagreements and different styles in parenting

  • Trust issues; infidelity

  • Economic stressors; managing money

  • Depression and anxiety; unhappy.

  • Extended family relationships; family of origin issues

  • Illness; sudden and chronic

  • Grief and Loss

  • Marriage; remarriage; pre-marriage; partnership

  • Separation; divorce

Our Approach:

At Footprint we strongly believe in the power of relationships to increase our level of happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment.

We practice active involvement with the couple; focus on resolution of the most pressing issues;  communication patterns; unresolved interpersonal and intergenerational conflicts, to mention a few.  

Our goal is your goal for your togetherness, to be defined by both of you. We will help you to achieve this goal—“One step at a time. Together.”