We all want to feel strong, in control and alive. The reality is many of us are stuck, unfulfilled, confused, or just waiting to react to the next problem or crisis. At these times, you may experience feelings of hurt, doubt, worry, intense sadness, restlessness, self-blame, a general mistrust of relationships, and/or a sense of not being fully alive. Simply said, feeling unhappy

At Footprint, we understand the last thing you need is to be treated as a thing, a patient, a category, or a problem that needs a "mental fix."  Instead, we offer you an alternative. A counseling and therapy experience that provides you an opportunity to better understand what is happening, restore balance, and lead a more fulfilling life in terms of purpose, security, love, and relationships.

Make a difference in your life, and schedule a consultation with one of Footprint's licensed counselors/therapists.